GOES-antine Activities

              I’ll be starting a “GOES-antine” outdoor activity series on Monday, April 27th.  My plan is to email a weekly summary on Sunday then post a new activity or project Monday thru Friday onto both the new website, http://4hgoes.com/  and Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/groups/241566606284727/ .  A little information before we get started.

  1.  Follow all Covid—19 guidelines
  2. Goals:  Most days will have a “goal”.  You can reply to the Facebook post or reply to the topic on the online forum, http://4hgoes.com/forums/forum/goes-antine-activities/ . when you have achieved the goal.  Right now, the online forum is open to all but if we get a lot of spam, I may need to implement passwords.  I’ll let you know.  Look below for a document on how to use the forum.
  3. Drop-Box – when Amy Donna gets better (we don’t want to spread anything right now), I have a drop box at the end of my driveway I can leave kits or supplies in for Club members.  If I have a kit for an activity, I’ll let you know in Sunday’s email so you can let me know what you would like and when you would like to pick it up.  I’ve asked permission from the extension office to put a box behind the office for members who may not live near us – I’ll let you know when they respond.  Our house is near South Carroll Highschool.
  4. Guest Posts.  As most of you know, writing is not my thing.  If you would like to do a guest post, just let me know.
  5. Plans Change – If an Oriole shows up in my yard, I may write about him this week or I may get busy and miss a day.
  6. Prizes – Let me know if you have any ideas.  Your name in spotlights on the website & Facebook, control of the cookie plate at our next real meeting, something small I could snail mail or leave in the drop-box for you to pick up or ????

This week’s plan:

  • Monday – ID Apps:  Seek & iNaturalist
  • Tuesday – Invasive Species:  Garlic Mustard
  • Wednesday – Bluebird Boxes
  • Thursday – Redbuds & Dogwoods
  • Friday – Spring wildflowers & canopy closing

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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