Bluebird Boxes

March is when we should put up our bluebird boxes.  You can leave them up year-round as birds will use them for shelter in the winter.

For information on where to put your box or if you would like to make another please check out the links in the resources below.  I’ve also included links with general bluebird information.

Fair Entries:

  • Bird Box:  You may enter your new or used box in the fair – just don’t evict a bird to bring it
  • Education Poster:  All About Bluebirds; Creating Habitat for Bluebirds; How to Monitor a Bluebird Box; My Bluebird Box, …
  • ID Cards:  Nest Monitoring Ring – I’ve uploaded my photos & notes if you want to use them
  • Electronic Educational Item – PowerPoint, Webpage, QuizletKahoot, an easy Scratch game or ….  


Files for Bluebird Box Monitoring Ring

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