My Bee Adventure

by Victoria Barnett

My uncle is a beekeeper! Sadly, all of his bees died over the winter. So, he got new bees to put into the hives. I helped him with this last weekend. The new bees come in boxes with five frames, the frames are where the bees keep their honey, the little hexagons are made up of bee’s wax. In order to put the bees in to the old hives he must first empty out the wood hives. He took out the frames. One of the frames he pulled out was ready to harvest – take the honey. He poured the dead bees that were on the bottom of the hive on the grass. Then he decides what frames to put in with the new bees. Ten frames fit in his beehive and only five came with the new bees. He decided then he put on his bee keeping suit. He grabbed a sprayer with sugar water in it and grabbed the box of bees. The sugar spray does not hurt the bees, but it does keep them from flying away temporarily.  Spraying the hive, one by one, he put the frames cluttered with bees into their new home. After all the frames where in, some bees stayed at the bottom of the box. He sprayed the bees and poured them on to the hive. I really liked learning about the bees, I hope you do too.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Queen Bee is too fat to fly? The other bees feed her lots to make sure she doesn’t fly away.

Me helping my uncle assemble the bee hives
My uncle showing a frame with bees on it.

Goal: Use honey in something today.

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