Bee Houses

Remember those bee houses we made at our October 2019 meeting?  Time to get them up!  Actually, they should have been put up in March.  Mr. Dave put ours up in mid-March and we have residents.  Dave first noticed bees going in & out of the holes a couple of weeks ago.  Last Wednesday, I was able to get some pictures of a bee as she was sealing her hole.   We have noticed a design flaw in our bee house – the top has a seam that leaks.  You may want to put a strip of metal, molding, or plastic over the top of the house to prevent water from getting into that top seam.

I’ve included links to bee house plans and maintenance instructions in case you missed our October meeting or need a refresher.

Goal:  Your goal today is to get your bee house outside.  If it is already outside, try to get photographic evidence of bees using your box – the picture doesn’t have to be great, just proof.

Fair Entry Ideas

  • Insect Habitat Item:  Your house – if it is full or not in use
  • Insect Photo series:  Your house, a bee using your house, a full tube, different bees …
  • Insect Educational Item:  Bee ID guide, Bee Lifecycle teaching Aid
  • Posters or Electronic Education Item:  How to build a Bee Houses; Bees that use Bee Houses; Native Bees; Bee Lifecycle; …


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