Concrete Oyster Reef Balls: Helping Improve the Health of the Chesapeake Bay.

Due to the poor health of the Chesapeake Bay, 4-H GOES will have a work day! We will come together, get our hands dirty and have fun constructing artificial reefs that will  create new oyster habitats in the Bay.  The oysters create a natural filtration  system that promotes the restoration of Bay life.  We are hoping these habitats will produce millions of oysters that will support environments for a thriving   population of underwater life.

Goal:   Since we can’t get together to make the reef balls right now, eat some seafood to celebrate the Bay.  Bonus points if it’s locally sourced and/or you post a picture.

Here are some possible fair entries:

  • Educational Poster (or item): Various topics could include The Health of the Bay; What you Can Do to Help the Bay; How Oysters Filter Water; Game (traditional or electronic) …
  • Aquatic Identification: What species of fish, macroinvertebrates, aquatic plants, etc. can you find living in/around the Bay?
  • Aquatic Discovery Kit or Backpack: Put together 3 items that can be used to explore, investigate, analyze the Bay.
  • Photo Series: Pictures of wildlife around the Bay

Other Resources Coastal Conservation Association of Maryland, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Bay Back Pack

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