Making a Gourd Birdhouse

Hi Everyone, my GOES-antine topic for today is about making a Gourd Birdhouse. This also makes a great Fair entry, as you will see the one I entered last year in the pictures below.

The first picture shows the supplies and tools you will need: Drill, ruler, sandpaper, exacto knife,  wire, wire cutters, drill bits, hole saw, pencil, gourd, and spray sealer.  You may already have a fully dried gourd around the house or they can be purchased from a farmer’s market. There are many different gourd shapes to pick from; choose one that you like and is big enough for the bird you want to attract.

Cut the proper sized hole for the type of bird you want to attract.  Please note the link below for a chart that lists Birds and Hole Size. You can carefully cut the gourd with a utility or pocket knife or you may want to have a parent drill the hole so as to not get injured. Most gourds are not fragile, but you still want to be careful with the cutting and cleaning out of the gourd.

Carefully scrape the inside of the gourd with a ruler, or a long screwdriver if the hole is too small. You may want to consider saving the seeds and planting your own gourds.  Sand the outside of the gourd and the hole to make them smooth.

It is important to keep the entrance hole level, so determine where to drill a hole in the top of the gourd for hanging that keeps the opening level. For ours we drilled the hanger holes halfway down the neck. Also, drill 3 or 4 holes (1/4 inch) in the bottom of the gourd at the lowest spots to drain any rain water. Then spray the gourd with clear coat spray paint to keep out any unwanted moisture.  

Last year’s Blue Ribbon, Class Champion-winning Fair Entry…….…..this year’s Bird…!!


Make a Gourd Birdhouse for the Fair and enter it. (The birds will love it, too..!)  And consider growing your own gourds, it’s fun and educational..!

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