Let’s Plant Veggies

FINALLY, it looks like the freeze and frost warnings are over and warm weather is here to stay!  So it’s time to get your summer veggies in the ground.  Growing your own vegetables is good for the environment since it reduces transportation emissions and let’s you control the use of chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers. 

Several organizations in Carroll County will accept your extra produce as donations so consider panting an extra row for them.

The University of Maryland has lots of online resources – see the links below.

I have some extra tomato & pepper plants. My plan is to open a “store” so you can “order” what plants you would like. I should have the store ready for orders by Monday. Feel free to play with the store this weekend but I will cancel any orders made before Monday.

Goal:  Plant a vegetable – either in a garden or in a container.

Fair Entries:

Forestry or Plant Educational Display:  poster, tri-fold, coloring or educational booklet, journal, model, magnets, game, diagram, original audio-visual presentation, web post, etc.  Why grow local produce; Using Pesticides and/or Herbicides, etc; Best Practices; etc.


Growing Vegetables from University of Maryland Extension

Year One Garden Plan

Planting Dates for Vegetable Crops in Central Maryland

Container Vegetable Gardening

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