Red Knots & Horseshoe Crabs

It may be too far to go this year but the phenomenon of the red knot and horseshoe crab is just too cool not to include.  Every year red knots leave the southern tip of South America to travel over 9000 miles to their summer breeding grounds in the Artic.  One of their few stops along the way is the Delaware Bay.  They arrive, famished, just as horseshoe crabs also converge on the Bay to lay eggs.  The Red Knots gorge on the nutritious eggs doubling their weight in about 2 weeks before continuing their journey to the artic.  Harvesting of horseshoe crabs has reduced the amount of eggs available causing the red knots to become an endangered species.

Some pictures from previous years.

Goal:  Learn a cool fact about red knots or horseshoe crabs

Fair Entries

Bird Educational Item – Life History of Red Knots; Migration Route of Red Knots; Impact of Climate Change on Red Knots; Why Red Knots became Endangered

Wildlife Educational Item – Life Cycle of Horseshoe Crabs;  Why are Horseshoe Crabs Harvested; Impact of Horseshoe Crabs on Migratory Birds

Resources – video

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