May 2021 – Kayaking & Picnic

Kayaking & Picnic at Piney Run Park

  • About an hour kayaking on Piney Run Lake
  • Club Picnic, bring a dish to pass
  • Fishing
  • MD/DC Breeding BIrd Atlas walk
  • Cost about $8 plus park entry fee
  • Members sign up for a kayaking slot and can pick & choose which activities to participate in

Learn about

  • Aquatic life around and in a local lake
  • Local birds
  • Identifying fish you might catch


  • Song Bird Banding
    • Audrey Carroll Audubon Sanctuary outside Mt. Airy
    • Early Sunday morning in early May
  • Bog Turtle Survey
    • Join Maryland Department of Natural Resources to count bog turtles
    • Bog Turtles are a federally endangered species
    • 10 and over only, sorry.
    • very, vey muddy but fun

Citizen Science

Covid Adaptations

  • Cancel picnic. 
  • Have sign-ups for kayaking slots to limit number of participants at one time – can spread over multiple days if necessary.
  • Cancel Song Bird Banding & Bog Turtle Survey Activities

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