Education Plan

Our 2015 Education Plan is below and you can get more detailed information from our schedule page.

2015 Education Plan

  • March- April

    • Wildlife Education: Members will learn about wildlife management in Maryland while preparing to participate in the Wildlife Habitat Education Program (May 2nd).
    • Members will also be given the opportunity to develop camping skills during a weekend camping trip to Pine Grove Furnace.
    • The club will decide if they want to participate in the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Action Program, which will help them learn about potential environmental service projects.
  • May

    • Boating Skills: Members will learn kayaking and canoeing techniques, first at a meeting, then on an optional trip (probably kayaking on the Monocacy- date depending on water levels)
    • Biking- Members will be given the chance to learn about biking on an optional bike trip.
  • June

    • Horticulture and Forestry Contests: Members will learn about and be given a chance to develop skills for the Horticulture and, potentially, Forestry Contests.
    • Members will learn about scuba diving and snorkeling through a demonstration, and gain hands-on experience through a potential trip.
  • July
    • Members will learn about opportunities to exhibit their skills at the Carroll County Fair. They will also develop presentational skills while discussing their exhibits with judges.
  • August
    • Members will develop team-work skills and self-confidence through activities such as high-ropes courses, tubing, and paddle boarding at Harpers Ferry.
  • September- October
    • Service Projects- members will be given the chance to speak with professionals in the fields of wildlife management, aquatics, etc. through service activities with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, such as stream surveys and bird banding. These activities will also help members learn the skills, through hands-on experience, that they would need if they pursue a career in these fields.
  • November-December
    • Elections, potential holiday party, and planning for next year.

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