Poplar Island

Date:   TBD weekday                  Time:  TBD    Place:  Ag Center in Westminster

Poplar Island, located in Talbot County in the mid–Chesapeake Bay, has become a national model of environmental restoration. It is the site where an innovative solution for dredged material management is resulting in the restoration of a once vanishing island. The habitat offered by these remote islands has historically offered safe, relatively predator free habitat to many of the Bay’s diverse wildlife and bird species, as well as a safe harbor for the Bay’s fish and shellfish resource

Tours free but only available on weekdays. Must schedule well in advance.

From Tour coordinator:  Tours are free of cost and only run Mon-Fri, no weekends.  I do not have April 26th available, but I do have several dates in July available depending on the size of your group. We can accommodate 24 people max. If you can give me a timeframe in July I can let you know which dates we have open with the number of seats needed for your group.

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