Bluegills for Blue Ribbons


Bluegills for Blue Ribbons set-up and maintenance notes

4-H is known for hands-on learning, an approach that pairs perfectly with exploring natural resources.  Bluegills for Blue Ribbons is an adaption of Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources Sunfish for Students program.  In the Sunfish for Students program, the sunfish are kept in classrooms.  In the Bluegills for Blue Ribbons project, we plan to keep some bluegills, replacements,  but also to send bluegills into members’ homes.  4-H members will raise the bluegills, enter them into fair competitions and release them into the Ag Center pond

This project is part of an overall goal of the 4-H GOES Club to improve our home, the Carroll County Ag Center.  In addition to the Bluegills for Blue Ribbons project, we will be fishing in the Ag Center pond and discussing future projects that may improve the health of the pond.  The overall goal of our improvement project is to demonstrate to county residents what they can do to make their properties more environmentally friendly,

Goal:  Get youth excited about natural resources so they are eager to learn about preserving them


  1. Each fall, an aquatics field day will be held. Attendance at the field day is required for the 4-H members to receive a bluegill.
  2. The 4-Her agrees to enter and display the bluegills in the Carroll County 4-H & FFA Fair’s Natural Resources Department.
  3. Fair entries are eligible to receive 3 awards
    1. Largest Bluegill – determined by adding length in inches to weight in pounds.
    2. Beat the Office – if 4-Hers Bluegill is larger than the largest bluegill raised in the office tank.
    3. Best presentation – based on knowledge of bluegills and project as presented to judges. Winner chosen by judges.
  4. At the conclusion of the fair, the bluegills will be released into the Ag Center pond. 4-Hers may make a written request to continue raising their bluegills for another year.  Granting of these requests will be at the sole discretion of the department superintendents with approval by the Maryland DNR.
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