Butterfly Garden Plans

Information on Designing Butterfly Gardens

Plant lists for Maryland’s Piedmont (Central Maryland) from the North American Butterfly Association

Creating a Wild Backyard – Hummingbirds, Butterflies & Bees from Maryland DNR

Using Native Plants to Attract Butterflies from Maryland Native Plant Society

Washington Butterfly Club –  links to lots of information.  I especially like their Butterfly Gardening in the DC Area mini-manual – a great place to start!

For the Birds, Butterflies & Hummingbirds: Creating Inviting Habitats – 16 page publication from Virginia Extension with lots of information but no garden plan.

Gardening for Butterflies – Penn State Extensions.  Nice lists of host & nectar plants

How to Design a Butterfly Garden – Pretty post from a gardener who lives just outside of DC in Virginia.  Links to lots of butterfly garden designs at end of post.

Butterfly Gardening Information from Montgomery County


Garden Plans

You can find many garden plans just by Googling.  For planning purposes, most of Carroll County can easily grow Zone 6 plants, Zone 5 is really safe and Zone 7 can, maybe, be grown in a shelter spot with a little extra care.  Some plants that are only hardy in Zones 8 to 10 can be grown as annuals in Carroll.

iConservePA’s Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden

Bluestone Perennial’s Butterfly Garden

Best Butterfly Garden Plan Ideas

Simple Butterfly Garden Plan – scroll about half way down the page

Lure Butterflies with this Garden Bed from Lowes




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