4-H G.O.E.S.

Green Outdoor and Environmental Science Club

Caving from 2018 October


Head Boat Fishing from 2018 September


Fishing Pictures from 2018 August Meeting


We received a Berlage Innovative grant to support our Club aquatics program!  Thank you Maryland 4-H Foundation!

Our Club has three main project areas this year:  Bluebirds, Bluegills for Blue Ribbons and our continuing Monarch Raising project.

Here is our full 2018 plan.  Please use the form below to contact us if you would like to join us for any of these activities.


  • 1/23 Regular Meeting- Preparing for Blahs classes
  • 1/27  Blahs Classes – Water Critters, Bluebird boxes and Bluegills for Blue Ribbons


  • 2/27  Regular Meeting – Build Bluebird boxes


  • 3/27 Regular Meeting – Install Bluebird Box


  • 4/24 Regular meeting – Learn to monitor Bluebird boxes
  • TBD Songbird banding


  • 5/29 Regular meeting (Note:  5th Tuesday) –  Kayaking on  Piney Run depending on water levels
  • TBD Bog Turtle Survey


  • 6/26 Regular Meeting – Butterfly Field Day Prep
  • 6/30  Butterfly Field Day


  • 7/24 Regular Meeting – Final Fair Prep
  • 7/31 Butterfly Tent at Carroll County Fair


  • 8/28 Regular meeting – Fishing at Ag Center Pond
  • TBD Discover Scuba/ Snorkeling – quarry closed due to invasive snail


  • 9/25 Monarch Tagging
  • 9/30 Head Boat Bay Fishing Trip from Annapolis


  • 10/23 Regular Meeting – Starting a leaf collection
  • 10/14  Caving


  • 11/3 Saw-whet Owl Banding
  • 11/27 Regular Meeting – Elections & Planning; make a seed ornament/wreath for the birds


Butterfly Tent Pictures

Click here to access the photos from the butterfly tent at Children’s Day.  We also have more pictures on our  4-H GOES Facebook page.

There is also a picture and some paragraphs about the butterfly tent and the 4-H GOES Club in the Carroll County Times, http://www.carrollcountytimes.com/4H_fair/cc-fair-coverage-tues-20170801-story.htmlIMG_8070.jpg

If you would like more information about the club or have any questions, please use the  form below to contact us.


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