February Suggested Topics & Trips

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  • Miocene Fossils
    • shark teeth
    • winter storms, especially nor’easters, erode cliffs making more fossils available on beach
    • Bayfront Park/ Brownies Beach
      • we have found sharks teeth here
    • Flag Ponds – see trips below



  • Long Tailed Salamanders
    • Breeding in caves where temperature is fairly constant
    • Dam Number Four Cave along Potomac River
      • List of Maryland caves – search for dam #4
    • see caves of the Shenandoah Valley below
  • Yellow Perch


Flag Ponds Nature Center, Bay Front Park & Calvert Marine Museum

Caves of the Shenandoah Valley

  • Dixie Caverns–5753 W. Main St., (Exit 132, I-81), Salem–540-380-2085
  • Endless Caverns–Route 11, New Market–540-896-2283
  • Grand Caverns–5 Grand Caverns Dr., Grottoes–540-249-5705 Grand Caverns is a Natural National Landmark show cave  located in Grottoes, Virginia. It is ranked the #2 caverns in the United States of America and is America’s Oldest Show Cave.
  • Luray Caverns–970 US Hwy. 211 West, Luray–540-743-6551
  • Shenandoah Caverns–I-81, Exit 269, Shenandoah Caverns–540-477-3115  Shenandoah Caverns is an ideal destination for anyone who enjoys visiting multiple attractions at one location. There are now four attractions on site at this remarkable underground caverns site. You can take a guided one hour tour of this fascinating and beautiful cave.
  • Skyline Caverns–Rt. 340 South, Front Royal–800-296-4545
  • Crystal Grottoes near Boonsboro – not as commercial as others
  • Check with Mr. Paul about friend who might lead spelunking trip
  • Tuckahoe State Park (to see Yellow Perch spawning)

New Germany State Park

  • Embrace winter with cross country skiing & sledding
    • 10 miles of trails
    • flat wide trail adjacent to Polar Lick Run good for beginners
    • lower slopes of Savage Mountain more advanced
    • Ski at night for neat experience depending on moon phase.
  •  Cabins
    • $97/night for 5 person cabin plus fees
    • $87/night for 4 person cabin
    • $77 /night for 2 person cabin
    • As o6/10/2015
      •  1st week of February Only 1 – 4 person cabin & 3 – 2 person cabins available
      • 2nd week of February no availability
      • 3rd week of February:  1 – 5 person, 1 – 4 person & 3 – 2 person cabins available
      • 4th week of Febraury:  2 – 5 person, 4 – 4 person & 3 – 3 person cabins available

Oregon Ridge Park

  • Good maple syrup demonstration / day
  • 1000 acres
  • network of hiking trails
  • trail along Baisman Run is especially pretty

Service Project

  • ask Audubon or Maryland Ornithology – Carroll Chapter
  • ask Flag Ponds Nature Center
  • Food for shelter – maple syrup, breakfast???
  • ask DNR or Mr. Paul about yellow perch or salamanders, maybe Mr. Scott
  • start plants for Frostburg Grows or local food gardens
  • help at Hashawa Maple Syrup Festival

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