Seek & iNaturalist

If you haven’t already, download Seek to your or your parents’ cell phone(s) using your favorite App store or from the website, .  You can find a user guide for Seek here, .  Though, I recommend just starting to play with the app – point your cell phone’s camera at a plant you know and see if you can get Seek to correctly identify it.

Members over 13 may be interested in starting an iNaturalist account.  Seek does not require any personal information but iNaturalist does so check with your parents first.  With iNaturalist, your photos go to an active group of professionals for identification and verification.  Learn more about iNaturalist here then go ahead and signup.

I’m hoping to create some Seek contests for the Club and an iNaturalist group that we will use in the future

Fair Entry Ideas

  • Photo Series:  Could your photo be the start of a natural resource series? 
  • Educational Poster:  It would be cool to have a poster about Seek or iNaturalist.

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